Final Project: US Airmap

Tom Cains on 30|01|2014
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I have chosen to continue working with the data set I had for assignment 4 as there was still a lot of functionality and data that I wanted to visualise. I have successfully added all of the functionality that I thought would enhance the visualisation and have really enjoyed working on the project.

Flight SelectedTotal Density


The first image shows the ability to select individual flights and see their stats. This works best at a low time step so it is easier to select the plane that you want. The other image shows the density function in effect. This function calculates if two planes are flying within a certain distance of each other and then draws a line between them, showing some interesting patterns. Unfortunately, this is too slow to run in real time as a processing sketch so this was made by exporting each frame as a .jpg and then compiling them into a movie.


Atlanta trailsJFK Density


I have added the ability to filter flights based on their destination or arrival airports. The image on the right shows all flights from Atlanta in trails mode and the image on the right shows flights out of JFK in density mode.

Total Flight plotall flights to LAX


I thought it would also be interesting to be able to visualise the cumulative flights for the entire dataset. The image on the right shows all the flights and the one on the right shows all the flights to LAX, this is again using the filters from the top of the screen.


Slider timeline


This final image shows the timeline function. This overlays an image of the relative time based on the local timezones across the US and then interpolates between the points. This also demonstrates the slider that allows the user to select a time so more detailed analysis can be conducted.


Finally, this video demonstrates the density function working over all the flights. It is very interesting and some patterns emerge that could otherwise not be seen. For some reason, when the frames were exported the CP5 objects were not displayed, but this does not distract from the animation.


Processing folder:

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