Final Assignment

Aoran Yang on 30|01|2014
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The first track is about the data from the Arts Tower to Opal 3, and the next is about the track between Information Common and City Hall, followed by track from IC to my friend’s house. I often walked the three routes. By creating an animation, I try to express the direction of the walking. Because the city have obvious altitude difference, on the track, I try to use the size of the circle to represent the altitude height. The higher altitudes have the larger radius.

As we know, Any three points can form a triangle. Choosing a point from the three tracks separately, I can draw a triangle. In order to draw different triangles, I made use of the points from the start to the finish.A variety of triangles was displayed onto the map, and different triangles were overlapped, resulting in deepening of some certain areas. The deepening represents a shortcut and my main activity areas. Through three different tracks, it summed up this visual conclusion.

Processing files: GPS

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