Final assignment

Zhixing Li on 31|01|2014
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There are what I have done for my final assignment. The above pictures show my tracks and my tweet site from the arts tower to  Meadowhall. I download xml map from openstreet map and draw in processing . My routes and the position which I publish tweeters can be controlled by the button which located in the top left corner. Different scale of buildings and infrastructures have been categorized in four different levels, there are, small size, medium size, large size and extra large. It is easy to choose the size which you want to see. Buildings and infrastructures show in different color which make it convenient to be recognized.It is also worth noting that I put 3D model in it which have been drawn in sketchup and outputted  in obj file.Each position represented by a sphere and its radius is always changing from bearing, accuracy and speed.


processing file:final_processing

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