Final assignment Sheffield to Meadowhall route map

Guangning Wang on 31|01|2014
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1.1.Take a walk and record the information by using GPS based route recording apps on smartphone.

1.2.Upload all the data we collected onto computer, then transfer the data to csv file, which can be read by Processing.

1.3.Write code on Processing to create maps and diagrams with dataset collected by ourselves.

1.4.The interface we created can be shown by clicking the play button.

1.5.Readers can find how altitude changes along different routes by sliding the the slider. The particular altitude value can be read on the screen as well.



This map shows the altitude difference between Sheffield city centre and meadowhall. Three routes were imported and readers can switch route by clicking the buttons on the left top of the screen. Readers can look into how altitude changes along the routes we record by sliding the the slider on the left hand side. and the altitude value can be read on the screen as well.  What is more, a chart was added at the bottom of the map, which can show the altitude information directly. It draws automatically when readers choose different routes. Guidelines can be shown by clicking the toggle named ”Connecting Line”.




As the finial presentation takes place on 31st of January, 2014, the Chinese New Year’s Day, A special page were added into the final assignment.

When clicking the “Try Me” toggle, the map area  turns to red, and a sentence “HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR” is displayed.

As 2014 is the year of horse in chinese calendar, a running little horse shows on the screen centre as well.

At last,  wish everyone happy new year!


File link final_assignment


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