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Zheng Zeng on 31|01|2014
Filled under: Assignment5

In the final project, I continued to analyse the traffic flows of the UK, and tried to put all the imformation of the data in to processing project. I was thinking about how to make the visualization more efficiently. At first, I used the map of the UK and did what I have done last time, but it was still difficult to find the boundaries of those regions. Also, it was hard to read if people needed change the pages they were looking at all the time.

The data is talking about the traffic flows of the UK. The data of London are in detail, but the data of other regions are just the total numbers. So, considering about the characteristic of the data, finally, I chose to make a list on the right side which shows the number of traffic flows in other regions.

Another point is the “Traffic of All Vehicles” has been added into the project. Last time, there only had the traffic flows of cars in the project. I hope that, through this project, people can totally understand this data.

In the future, if there are more data sources, for example, the traffic flows of other cities in the UK, or the traffic flows of other kinds of vehicles,those data could be put into the project easily.

31  2 code:traffic_flow_final


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