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Michael Dennis on 02|02|2014
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For the final assignment I have kept with the same theme of traffic disruption from assignment for. However, i have selected a data which is fare larger and with greater complexity. The data, sourced from detailed traffic accidents from 1979 to 2012. This comprehensive data set consisted of 4 .csv files linked by and incident reference.

The vast amount of information posed a problem of what question needed to be asked. to help spot initial tends I visualised different parts of the data using google fusion.

After looking at the results of these visualisations it became apparent that only using  a limited number of fields didnt give the user a full enough understanding of each accident. As such, a tend was easier to visualize but with less context had little meaning.

As such, I intended to make a visitation that was able to display each incident according to its time stamp but also display many different fields of information graphicaly. To do this, I devised a lolly pop form to represent each incident.

Incident Lollypop



Screenshot 2014-01-31 01.41.13 Screenshot 2014-01-31 01.48.48 Screenshot 2014-01-31 07.02.24





The start point of the line represents the speed limit in which the incident happened, the hight of the ellipse would show the relative severity, the ellipse diameter represented the day of the week (the bigger the diameter the later in the week), the angle of the line would represent the casualty type which is also displayed in text and the age of the casualty is depicted by the weight of the ellipse. This is also displayed in text when the a toggle is switch.












Location Ex

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