Final Project – weather map of major cities in UK

Jiafeng Li on 31|01|2014
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Figure 1: live wind speed



Figure 2: live wind speed


Figure 3: wind speed forecast


Figure 4: temperature forecast



Figure 4: Animation for weather forecast


I working with online weather data from The xml live data includeing some key information, like geographic coordinates, temperature, humidity, wind speed and visibility, etc. It’s quite interesting that the data are changing overtime. I’m focus on local temperature and wind speed. It’s possible that load numerous of weather data into processing, but as a free user, I can only insert 10 cities maximum.

For the interactive, when you move mouse on the city’s circle, the detailed weather information will be displayed. And I added mouse function, press left button the data will switch to local temperature and press right button it will show the wind speed. If both button are unpressed, it will only be the name of city.

I’d love to keep working with weather data. For the next step, I think it would be great if I can manage to use the button and slider functions from ControlP5 and read weather forecast information . Because its live data, the visualization provides a directly view about weather information in real time.



live data:






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