Final Project _ The Demography of the United Kingdom from 1992 to 2023

Jun Zhu on 31|01|2014
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In order to further my study on my studio topic ‘Intergeneration’, I find two datasets as the ‘Ageing in the UK Datasets’ and the ‘Public sector expenditure on services by function in real terms, 1989-90 to 2012-13’. I try to find out some kind of relationship between the change of the demography and the public expenditure on the young and old people.

With the interface,  users could use the map to select a county or an area, or choose directly from these two linked drop-down menus. I use CMYK and RGB represent for these two different age modes respectively. The users could choose by clicking group taps to decide which group would be shown. The animation basing on time shows the change of the demography in the certain period.

We could find that the modifications of the demography by the change of the color on the map and the charts. At the meantime, the public spending keep on growing. The user could compare different places in the same year or compare one place in different years.

The detailed description and result are in the final report.

Processing 1.5 File zip: sketch_Final






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